May 20, 2009


finally the crazy day is over,can't say that i'm happy with it,with the islamic studies goreng2 sambal belacan,i guess i'm just a bit relief la,only1 more paper 2 go...seriously after all that tension,tiredness and the 'loya'ness,i think i deserve a long hibernation b4 solid mechanics,need 2 recharge myself,changing myself from fluidity condition to solidity,oh tonite's agenda :
  1. turn on the music 2 the max
  2. roswell
  3. the most important part~hibernation

p/s-so cair with patrick vaughn stump fall out boy :D

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Nina said...

I agree!!Tee-hee..pete is so overrated,it's patrick who deserves to be in the limelight!
but least he can put more effort on creative thinking,while SOMEONE can brag off on how sour her wifey's breastmilk is!yek yek

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