May 6, 2009


to be honest,this sem is the worst sem I've ever had.
having lots of problem with my friends,my own self,
my life is quite miserable,full of emotion and drama.
i hurt people's feeling,i hate myself,too annoying i bet.
suddenly everything is falling apart and i become an
evil person,trying to get everyone understand me,i
guess no one can coz i dun understand myself either.
i'm really sorry,i dunno why i behave like this,sorry...
when things happen like this,it makes me feel like i
have to go to rehab or seek some psychiatrist,mental

but now i realize,the most important things that i need in
my life are my family,my bob and my babes (i mean my true
friends out there,dun get me wrong :))
im nothing without them,thank u 4 being a part of me.
to my civillian girls (nad,adah,wani,papoki,farah,fana,mareney,
sha,gee,soleh,liana,sky,shikin,yani,new girls and all the chinese)
sorry from the bottom of my heart if i hurt ur feeling,if
i do bad things to you and thanks a lot for being my friend.

im not perfect

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