Nov 21, 2012

Setitis air

"Boikot-boikot ni tak praktikal..." kata seorang teman kepada saya baru-baru ini.
"Mengapa?" tanya saya.
"Kalau kita boikot produk-produk tu, kita juga yang susah. Bukankah anak-anak kita juga yang bekerja dengan syarikat-syarikat berkenaan?" jawabnya dengan satu soalan.

Saya terdiam. Ada logiknya.
"Kita belum kuat, jangan cari penyakit,"tambahnya lagi.

"Kalau begitu bagaimana kita hendak melahirkan kebencian tehadap Zionis?" kata saya.
"Perlukah kebencian dilahirkan?"
"Kalau kebencian tidak dilahirkan, apa maknanya?"
Dia pula diam.

"Kalau awak setuju dengan kempen boikot produk Yahudi ni...ada cara lain?"
"Kita tak boleh buat apa-apa,"ujarnya selamba.
Sikap inactivenya itu mengingatkan saya satu kisah yang saya dengar diceritakan dalam satu rancangan TV9 oleh Ustaz Zamri "Mantop" satu ketika dahulu.

Kisah bagaimana ketika Nabi Ibrahim a.s dibakar oleh Raja Namrud dengan api besar. Melihat api besar itu, seekor burung kecil segera mengambil air dengan paruhnya yang kecil lalu dititiskannya ke atas nyalaan api besar itu. Perbuatan burung kecil itu ditertawakan oleh burung-burung yang lebih besar.

"Apa gunanya air yang setitis itu?" Burung besar menyindir.
"Untuk memadamkan api yang membakar kekasih Allah Nabi Ibrahim," jawab burung kecil.
"Ha..ha..ha usaha yang sia-sia! Adakah api yang sebesar itu mampu dipadamkan oleh setitis air?" ejek burung besar lagi.

Anda tahu apa jawapan burung kecil?
Jawapannya begini:

"Aku yakin bahawa Allah tidak akan bertanya kepadaku apakah dengan usahaku api itu berjaya dipadamkan, tetapi Allah pasti bertanya apa yang telah aku lakukan untuk memadamkan api itu...

"Mendengar jawapan burung kecil itu, sekalian burung yang besar terdiam.

Ya, kalau kita umpama "si burung kecil" dalam usaha memerangi kekejaman Yahudi... siramlah walau "setitis air" untuk memadamkan keganasan.

Carilah BUKTI dan SAKSI keperihatinan kita terhadap nasib umat Islam dihadapan Allah nanti.

Status dari seorang Hamba Allah

Keterangan lanjut tentang produk-produk yang diboikot boleh didapati di dan juga di video di bawah:

Nov 16, 2012

Pray For Gaza

When I was whining for having no money and no job, my brothers and sisters over there are fighting for their lives, with no guarantee if there is tomorrow for them, astaghirullahalazim. Dear readers, if you are reading this post, I hope you can spare the time to pray for our brothers and sisters at Gaza. O Allah, please help them, guide them and give them the strength to deal with this O Allah. Allahukbar!

To the readers, if you want to give a helping hand, you can contact Aqsa Syarif from the third picture below. Or the least you can do is to spread the words and pray for them because Dua' is our weapon. May Allah bless you, my brothers and sisters.

Tatkala aku mengeluh tiada duit, tiada pekerjaan, saudara-saudaraku di Gaza sedang bertarung dengan nyawa, berjuang demi hari esok yang tidak pasti, astaghfirullahalazim. Pembaca sekalian, sekiranya anda terbaca post ini, luangkanlah sedikit masa, marilah kita sama-sama doakan nasib saudara-saudara kita di Gaza. Ya Allah ya tuhanku, Kau bantulah mereka dan bimbinglah mereka dan berikanlah mereka kekuatan dalam menghadapi ujian ini ya Allah. Allahuakbar!

Kepada pembaca yang ingin menghulurkan bantuan, anda boleh hubungi Aqsa Syarif di gambar ketiga di bawah. Jika anda tidak berkemampuan, anda juga boleh menyebarkan pesanan ini dan mendoakan mereka kerana Doa iu senjata kita. Semoga bantuan anda dirahmati Allah. 

Ya Allah, berikanlah kekuatan dan kemenangan kepada saudara kami yang sedang berjuang di jalanMu Ya Allah.

Nov 10, 2012


Do you guys know what OCD is?

Based on the description provided by US National Library of Medicine, obsessive-compulsion disorder or OCD is an anxiety disorder which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions) or behaviours that make them feel driven to do something (compulsions). 

Well, have you ever feel the need to check and re-check things over and over again? Or do you have the same thoughts constantly? Or do you feel like you have no control over what you are doing? If your answer is yes, you may have OCD.

Why am I talking about OCD today?

I remember being told once twice that I might have mild OCD based on their observations on my behaviour. I was quite denying it at first place because I had this impression/mind set where this disorder only occurs for unstable/crazy person. Nonsense! Studies have shown that environmental factors may also contribute to OCD in addition to fear and anxiety. According to National Institute of Mental Health, OCD sometimes runs in families, but no one knows for sure why some people have it, while others don't. 

To help you to diagnose whether you have OCD or not, you can answer this OCD Screening Quiz from Psych Central. It can help you to determine if you might need to see mental health professional for diagnosis and treatment of OCD. I already did the quiz, the result showed that I probably have OCD. I have to admit I am quite obsess when it comes to arranging items. I love it when it is according to its colour, size or shape, it's neat! It's okay to have it that way, isn't it? or is it not? Hmmm, I think I need to consult a doctor to understand better about this. 

Anyway guys, if you think you may have OCD, don't be afraid. The first thing to do is to admit the fact, that you have the disorder and you need help for it. It's not something to be embarrassed about, you are just a human! Hehe, I think I talked enough about this, make sure you click the links given above and do Google it if you think I'm not providing you with the answer that you want. 

Till next time folks, take care!

Nov 6, 2012

phone call

Honestly, every time I need to make a formal phone conversation with someone, I get nervous, like very nervous. I feel like I'm being interviewed by a stranger sometimes. I hate the fact where your impression when the other person's talking is depending on the voice only. Even though we still can get the contents from their language and intonation, I prefer it to be a face to face conversation. Why? Because at least when I'm saying something to you face to face, I can see your reactions towards the message. I can know whether the message is delivered successfully or not, and I can know (maybe not every time) if the thing that I said  is affecting you.  When on phone, who knows maybe the informations are missed, I misheard something, got the wrong info etc. etc.

Due to all of the above reasons, I prefer to communicate through e-mail whenever formal matters are concerned. I'm not confident having a phone call thus I'm avoiding it as much as I can, but I still have to deal with it though, I know. I'm working on it now, to be braver in future, considering on my future working environment where more formal phone calls are needed. 

I remember I was so nervous making a phone call to Astro Customer Service to upgrade our package at home. I kept telling myself "just do it, it's not like I'm going to die talking to that stranger on phone". Lol. So funny.

picture from Google

Nov 4, 2012


dear readers,

In conjunction of my convocation ceremony which took place exactly 2 weeks ago, let's make a post about my 5 years in UTP!

I remember during my first two years, I cried a lot because I hate civil engineering so much, so angry because I have to follow my parents' choice. It never crossed my mind to take engineering course and  it actually took almost 4 years for me to accept the fact that I am a civil engineering student. I felt forced to study something that I can't even put my heart on. I put myself on denial and I even chose to do my internship at oil & gas company which was mostly unrelated to my field.

Only then I realized, I need to move on and face the truth, face the challenges because there were nowhere to run anyway. I have to admit, I still don't like subjects related to structures up until today but I can say that I've managed to survive those 5 years of denial and acceptance, praise to God.

Suddenly, it feels like only last week I attended the first class during my foundation year and only yesterday I became  one of the final year students. Time indeed flies so fast and I am grateful upon my study completion considering how hard I'm struggling with the course itself. I can't forget the date that change my life, built the person I am today, exactly on 14th July 2007, my registration date to UTP, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS :)

Everything has become part of my memories now, even though i can hardly recall most of them due to the memory loss... I'm grateful to have the opportunities to learn, experience and meet awesome people as my friends, lecturers, classmates and partners. Indeed, it was a wonderful experience throughout the golden five years of my life and I'm proud to say, I'm a UTP graduate!


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