Nov 4, 2012


dear readers,

In conjunction of my convocation ceremony which took place exactly 2 weeks ago, let's make a post about my 5 years in UTP!

I remember during my first two years, I cried a lot because I hate civil engineering so much, so angry because I have to follow my parents' choice. It never crossed my mind to take engineering course and  it actually took almost 4 years for me to accept the fact that I am a civil engineering student. I felt forced to study something that I can't even put my heart on. I put myself on denial and I even chose to do my internship at oil & gas company which was mostly unrelated to my field.

Only then I realized, I need to move on and face the truth, face the challenges because there were nowhere to run anyway. I have to admit, I still don't like subjects related to structures up until today but I can say that I've managed to survive those 5 years of denial and acceptance, praise to God.

Suddenly, it feels like only last week I attended the first class during my foundation year and only yesterday I became  one of the final year students. Time indeed flies so fast and I am grateful upon my study completion considering how hard I'm struggling with the course itself. I can't forget the date that change my life, built the person I am today, exactly on 14th July 2007, my registration date to UTP, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS :)

Everything has become part of my memories now, even though i can hardly recall most of them due to the memory loss... I'm grateful to have the opportunities to learn, experience and meet awesome people as my friends, lecturers, classmates and partners. Indeed, it was a wonderful experience throughout the golden five years of my life and I'm proud to say, I'm a UTP graduate!

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