Sep 17, 2012


it has been almost a week since the day i left utp. it's totally different now, i'm no longer on holiday break or semester break but to be exact, i'm on my jobless period.

i met my friends who already working and most of them told me to enjoy the holiday while you can. i do agree that once you've got the job and start working, you won't get the chance to take a break, easily. but i also can't help but feeling helpless having no guarantee whether i'll be employed or not someday. plus, both of my parents were already retired, i have to get a job as soon as possible, at least i can help with something...

sometimes it amazes me how big the pressure is when you know you are now responsible to support your family, financially, at least. i really hope i can contribute something to my family.

i hope for the best for my structured interview, may everything goes smoothly, insyaAllah...

Sep 1, 2012


true story.
this is the reason why I believe that a boy and a girl can NEVER be best friends. at least not for me.


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