Aug 26, 2012

two weeks

i should be preparing my final presentation slides right now, i know but i have to write this. 

i saw on facebook where a friend of mine wrote on her status that our (other) friend is currently on trip to overseas/other country. and suddenly this huge amount of jealousy came in. can't help it but i am indeed desperately jealous. i wish i got the same chance. i once applied for overseas study but failed the interview. guess i'm not fit for it. God knows the best, maybe some day, i'll make it, (for masters maybe?) insyaAllah 

and now living less than two weeks as an uni undergraduate student seems so weird. in the past, i kept denying the path that i took here, i kept asking why on earth i took engineering... it took more than 4 years for me to accept the fact that i am meant to be in this field. i'm still struggling to the end and now the end is so near...

i should continue my work.

Aug 15, 2012


i'm surprised how two brains can work/think the same way almost all the time. i was surprised when i decided on/thought of something but didn't tell him, he thought the same thing like i did. it happened too many times but it still surprise me when it happen. maybe because we spend a lot of time together? i don't know...
someone even said that we looked alike, like brother and sister - funniest thing i heard about us.

he didn't know that i'm writing this but honestly i'm sort of thinking of him as my saviour. i won't make it if he didn't help me. he is my hero, he is my good buddy.

Aug 5, 2012

skip a beat

dear blog,

can you fix my heart? something's wrong with it lately - it failed to follow what her owner tells her to do. or maybe you don't have to fix the heart, but help me find the solution instead. should i listen to my heart or be rational and get over it?

even  my sisters found it funny, oh my!


This could be the end of everything

Aug 1, 2012


hello everyone!

it's 1st of August today and it's exactly 40 days before our graduation! how time flies! it's just amazing that we survived 5 years in uni life - well can't really say that we've totally survived! we still got few more left down the road but hopefully all is well...

i'm still struggling with my projects and stuffs, i have to admit sometimes i do feel like giving up but somewhere, the sun's still shining for me. Allah knows what's best for us, so let's keep the faith! i'm getting more nervous day by day as when Eid is coming near it means i'm reaching my due date. 3 weeks before completing the project!

i'm planning to reschedule/reshuffle everything since my life is a mess lately. got torn here and there, bruises all the way but hopefully i can fix it.

to my roomate, housemates, classmates, batchmates etc. let's cherish our last moments being students together!
i pray for everyone's happiness and success, may Allah bless us! :)

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