Aug 26, 2012

two weeks

i should be preparing my final presentation slides right now, i know but i have to write this. 

i saw on facebook where a friend of mine wrote on her status that our (other) friend is currently on trip to overseas/other country. and suddenly this huge amount of jealousy came in. can't help it but i am indeed desperately jealous. i wish i got the same chance. i once applied for overseas study but failed the interview. guess i'm not fit for it. God knows the best, maybe some day, i'll make it, (for masters maybe?) insyaAllah 

and now living less than two weeks as an uni undergraduate student seems so weird. in the past, i kept denying the path that i took here, i kept asking why on earth i took engineering... it took more than 4 years for me to accept the fact that i am meant to be in this field. i'm still struggling to the end and now the end is so near...

i should continue my work.

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