Aug 1, 2012


hello everyone!

it's 1st of August today and it's exactly 40 days before our graduation! how time flies! it's just amazing that we survived 5 years in uni life - well can't really say that we've totally survived! we still got few more left down the road but hopefully all is well...

i'm still struggling with my projects and stuffs, i have to admit sometimes i do feel like giving up but somewhere, the sun's still shining for me. Allah knows what's best for us, so let's keep the faith! i'm getting more nervous day by day as when Eid is coming near it means i'm reaching my due date. 3 weeks before completing the project!

i'm planning to reschedule/reshuffle everything since my life is a mess lately. got torn here and there, bruises all the way but hopefully i can fix it.

to my roomate, housemates, classmates, batchmates etc. let's cherish our last moments being students together!
i pray for everyone's happiness and success, may Allah bless us! :)

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