Nov 30, 2010

the days

finally the exams are over and now the focus is on the oncoming internship. only few days r left for the preparation, mentally and physically. but let's focus on the mental part. definitely in need to prepare myself to:
  1. get used to new surrounding - i hate big migration, it's hard to get settled but we can make it, go go girls!
  2. be strong and try not to feel homesick - this is the biggest challenge, where I've never been this far away from my family - now i understand emmi's feeling
  3. be a good intern, hardworking and responsible
well, i'm looking forward for these stuffs:
  • move in to the house with emmi, yana, fiqie and hui chie - i'm going to make it feel like home, definitely!
  • cooking time with emmi, let's try lotsa recipes!!! XD
  • travelling with the girls - the most awaiting event! mesti kumpul duit for this :D

anyway i hope my job is not only bout this

and i hope i can be like this

and earn my key to


Nov 23, 2010


i demand freedom - 5 days left

Nov 22, 2010

u can do it

it's very impressive how creative a human's brain works when dealing with critical situation. in this case - examinations. very creative and innovative u can be, creating and modifying the formulas, inventing new theories and of course it's applicable to me. hmppph we must not give up, isn't it? strive to answer the questions, no matter how hard it is, never leave the paper blank.

Nov 20, 2010


depressed, progress - 5%
time left - 30 hours

ya Allah, please give hidayah to all of us to deal with this subject

Nov 18, 2010

brand new blog

i'm not sure what happened to my page - the blog lists were missing where i need to retrieve it back, i hate the page, i feel like deleting the blog, i'm tired with the internet, bla bla bla...therefore, i decided to 'reformat' my blog, several options that i'm considering now;
  • Just delete the blog and make a new one
  • Change the address so people won't find my page anymore
  • Delete everything and start a brand new blog ( which is more like option 1)
  • Or make another blog, my secret blog where i can write anything i want (my secret diary?)
hmmm dunno lah, due to undoubtedly slow internet connection here where i have to refresh like many times per page, i don't think i can pick any of those options, it takes tahap dewa punya patience to do it which i don't have it rite now. I feel like screaming, emo emo -_-"

p/s - if you can read this post, that means i managed to publish it after at least 10 times of trials

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