Nov 18, 2010

brand new blog

i'm not sure what happened to my page - the blog lists were missing where i need to retrieve it back, i hate the page, i feel like deleting the blog, i'm tired with the internet, bla bla bla...therefore, i decided to 'reformat' my blog, several options that i'm considering now;
  • Just delete the blog and make a new one
  • Change the address so people won't find my page anymore
  • Delete everything and start a brand new blog ( which is more like option 1)
  • Or make another blog, my secret blog where i can write anything i want (my secret diary?)
hmmm dunno lah, due to undoubtedly slow internet connection here where i have to refresh like many times per page, i don't think i can pick any of those options, it takes tahap dewa punya patience to do it which i don't have it rite now. I feel like screaming, emo emo -_-"

p/s - if you can read this post, that means i managed to publish it after at least 10 times of trials

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