Nov 30, 2010

the days

finally the exams are over and now the focus is on the oncoming internship. only few days r left for the preparation, mentally and physically. but let's focus on the mental part. definitely in need to prepare myself to:
  1. get used to new surrounding - i hate big migration, it's hard to get settled but we can make it, go go girls!
  2. be strong and try not to feel homesick - this is the biggest challenge, where I've never been this far away from my family - now i understand emmi's feeling
  3. be a good intern, hardworking and responsible
well, i'm looking forward for these stuffs:
  • move in to the house with emmi, yana, fiqie and hui chie - i'm going to make it feel like home, definitely!
  • cooking time with emmi, let's try lotsa recipes!!! XD
  • travelling with the girls - the most awaiting event! mesti kumpul duit for this :D

anyway i hope my job is not only bout this

and i hope i can be like this

and earn my key to


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