Jul 24, 2012

Save Maryam


i miss my mother! mak! :)

pictures are from 9gag.com

Jul 23, 2012


Dear blog,

I was so happy for being home and celebrated 1st Ramadhan with my dear family, it was short but a meaningful one! no stress no pressure, I was just happy to be there (even though I spent most of my Saturday on bed for being to tired). may Allah bless them always! I'm glad I did make use of the time to the fullest, can't wait for the Eid break, I miss them already :)

well for now, tonnes of works are waiting for me! report, test and lab for tomorrow!O Allah, please give me strength to do all of these, amin...

Jul 13, 2012

someone like you

Sometimes you have to be your own hero. Because sometimes, the people you can't live without, can live without you. - anonymous.

Jul 8, 2012

of durian and baju kurung

it was one crazy week and i know it's going to be crazier in future. i have test tomorrow and i haven't studied a thing, can we just go with it? i should be studying right now >.<

i just want to say that i'm so happy with my 1 day break yesterday, nothing can beat the happiness of being with the family that is close to you like your own family. i would say, they are my precious keluarga angkat :)

yesterday involved family, food and chores!  but the most happiest moment of it, durian time! who can say no to durian??? i can't and i won't! hehe, i ate like a happy child getting her candies and you can't stop me from getting it more and more. we even got more in the fridge! bless them for such a happy day for me. i feel less homesick right now. good thing for me and yes to survival! 

Jul 4, 2012


It's less than 3 month before our graduation and before we have to say goodbye to our dear friends. It's not like we're totally not going to meet each other after this, but it's definitely will be different. I'm not sure how the graduated seniors felt about this when they were in this situation... I've started to feel sad about this. I've even dreamt about the graduation and farewell. It's going to be a bittersweet experience for everyone I believe. 

7 days before our 5th anniversary of being a UTP student. sebak rasanya.

Jul 1, 2012



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