Jul 8, 2012

of durian and baju kurung

it was one crazy week and i know it's going to be crazier in future. i have test tomorrow and i haven't studied a thing, can we just go with it? i should be studying right now >.<

i just want to say that i'm so happy with my 1 day break yesterday, nothing can beat the happiness of being with the family that is close to you like your own family. i would say, they are my precious keluarga angkat :)

yesterday involved family, food and chores!  but the most happiest moment of it, durian time! who can say no to durian??? i can't and i won't! hehe, i ate like a happy child getting her candies and you can't stop me from getting it more and more. we even got more in the fridge! bless them for such a happy day for me. i feel less homesick right now. good thing for me and yes to survival! 

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