Apr 30, 2012


current location: Environmental lab, Civil Engineering Department

i'm actually doing my lab where i'm here waiting for my oven to heat up till 250 degree Celsius, and the oven is like super slow and taking its own sweet time. i have to wait like almost 2 hours only to heat the oven because every 1 degree temperature rise takes up to 3 minutes and the current temperature is about 189 degree, imagine how long i have to wait for the oven to reach 250 degree Celsius! lucky i brought my laptop! haha, sorry for the whines, i'm just venting out my frustration a little bit for being alone in the lab  >.<

Apr 26, 2012


found this on 9gag, lol so true!
been there, done that!

Apr 25, 2012


day by day, i realized that i am choosy when it comes to food, or should i say i'm super choosy? my friends did mentioned this to me, it makes me realized that there's a lot of food that i don't like, can't eat or prefer not to eat. i tried to list down all of it but it seems like the list is going on and on. let me share with you at least some of it.

food that i'm allergic to, can't eat and i don't like it at all:
  • cockles
food/drinks that i don't like:
  • any products from strawberry - BUT i do like the fruit
  • any chocolate mixed with fruit, e.g. choc + orange, choc + raisins
  • bean sprouts
  • vegetables mixed with any fried meal - i'll always make sure to order food w/o vege in it; like fried noodles w/o vege, BUT i do like vege as a meal itself, i just don't like it being mixed w/ something else, i know, most people found it weird, i know...
  • i'm not sure what is  bawang goreng in English, fried onion maybe? and i don't like it at all
  • green tea
  • jasmine tea
  • oat
  • pineapples - i hate pineapple in my pizza!!
  • tomatoes
as you read down the list, you can see that most of the food/drinks that i don't like are good for health, why did i dislike them? you might also think that i hate vegetables, which is false and i shall say, it is just a short list as compared to the list of food that i love. I LOVE FOOD, healthy or not, the food that i love is way more than the above. if i list it, it will go infinity, trust me. i am grateful with what i have to eat, praise to Allah for the food and you know what? i love food so much that i found it is hard to maintain my weight, hehehe... 

talking about my weight, as some of you who like to urge/pressure me to shed some kilos, i appreciate your concern, THANK YOU. anywayi do watch my diet, at least i don't simply consume everything and dump it in my belly, NO. my weight is still in the normal range and i'm not obese if that concerns you. i'm just not your typical skinny girl, hohoho...

back to the topic, i think the list should be longer but i forgot some of it, maybe i'll update it next time. by the way, feel free to share the food/drinks that you dislike in the comment below. but despite all the preferences, just a reminder to all of us, as much as you dislike the food, do not waste your food. if you don't like it, just don't buy or ask for it, simple! till next time folks! :)


Apr 18, 2012


Apr 16, 2012

hello Monday!!


Apr 11, 2012

Best friends

i would like to dedicate this song to all my best friends out there, thank you for being my best friends and may Allah bless you always :)

here the translation of Japanese song by Kiroro - Best Friend

I don't have to worry anymore, cause you will be by my side when I cry

You always smile at me
I am blessed because you always shine before me
Things that we have missed hastily at time, that's the way it is
Faces that always being looked at
Forever hugging each other
Your smile has helped me endless time, you know
Thank you thank you Best Friend

These plenty happiness that I felt at this moment
All the friends that I have here, you the best present
I am blessed because you always be by our side
Surely things that I have accomplished here,
those things too give me strength (change to strength)
Faces that always being looked at
Forever hugging each other
All of your smile has helped me endless time, you know
Thank you thank you Best Friend

Things that we have missed hastily at time, that's the way it is
Faces that always being looked at
Forever hugging each other
Your smile has helped me endless time, you know
Thank you thank you Best Friend

Always always always my Best Friend

Apr 10, 2012


i just realized that my previous posts in this blog are way too negative, full of emotional thoughts, i get carried away when i'm not in my best. i know when things get ugly like this, the best remedy for me is simple, just go home to reset everything back to zero. it's definitely effective because it's true, home is where my heart is :)

8 days to go baby!

Apr 7, 2012


it's sad and i found that it's so suffocating here, negative charges are everywhere where it pushed me to the limit. people hurt me and i hurt people, intentionally or not. i lost my rationale and i have become so bitter towards the end of the day, which is the part of me that i hate the most.

whatever it is, it's just a small part of life, more are waiting for us in the future... if i think this is unbearable, then what about the world out there? sure it's far harder than this, i need to keep moving on. i called it the growing up process, process to prepare us for our future. it is right after all, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

p/s: idk what i'm talking about, forgive me coz my brain keeps jumping up from 1 point to another, it's hard to keep on the same topic though

Apr 2, 2012

last minute

lesson that should be learned but never learnt?


HEHHHH, i keep telling myself this but i keep breaking it as well, i never learned my lesson i guess. here i am, still staying up late to finish writing the journal to be submitted before 5 pm. i have less then 12 hours and my brain is like hot and cooked. why i started late? simple, I'M LAZY TO THE MAX and i've lied to myself by saying i'm actually waiting for the "momentum". yeahhh right, momentum, now serves you right!!


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