Apr 7, 2012


it's sad and i found that it's so suffocating here, negative charges are everywhere where it pushed me to the limit. people hurt me and i hurt people, intentionally or not. i lost my rationale and i have become so bitter towards the end of the day, which is the part of me that i hate the most.

whatever it is, it's just a small part of life, more are waiting for us in the future... if i think this is unbearable, then what about the world out there? sure it's far harder than this, i need to keep moving on. i called it the growing up process, process to prepare us for our future. it is right after all, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

p/s: idk what i'm talking about, forgive me coz my brain keeps jumping up from 1 point to another, it's hard to keep on the same topic though

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