Aug 31, 2011


raya is almost meaningless to me this year. the most boring raya i've ever had.
believe me.

Aug 20, 2011


Aug 16, 2011


quoted from my friend's Facebook status, totally agree with it!

coz just a simple SMS can make me smile for the whole day :)

Aug 13, 2011


i had a dream last nite, i dyed my hair auburn. yes auburn. go Google it - auburn hair. well, actually i wanted to dye my hair brown but somehow i bought the wrong colour?

the funny part was, i was soooo freakin scared that my dad would kill me if he knows i dyed my hair auburn. the colour was quite nice though. LOL! y i had this weird dream? like i would dye my hair? hahaha funny isn't it? :P

p/s: i thought i won't be having weird dreams during Ramadhan

Aug 1, 2011

2nd home

I know it's a lil bit exaggerate but i do feel like Sarawak is my second home,
what can i say, I LOVE Sarawak! I love my friends there, friends that i met during that 8 months. I miss them already!
I'm in the process of claiming for Air Asia's insurance, if i manage to claim it, i'll get rm200 voucher (due to the delay). then i can buy ticket for hari raya at Sarawak!!! :D

ok i'm too excited here! wish that i'll get the voucher, so i can use it as an excuse to go to Sarawak, since it's a free ticket, weeee!!!!!!!!! XD

p/s: Happy Ramadhan everyone, hope it's a bless for all of us :)

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