Aug 1, 2011

2nd home

I know it's a lil bit exaggerate but i do feel like Sarawak is my second home,
what can i say, I LOVE Sarawak! I love my friends there, friends that i met during that 8 months. I miss them already!
I'm in the process of claiming for Air Asia's insurance, if i manage to claim it, i'll get rm200 voucher (due to the delay). then i can buy ticket for hari raya at Sarawak!!! :D

ok i'm too excited here! wish that i'll get the voucher, so i can use it as an excuse to go to Sarawak, since it's a free ticket, weeee!!!!!!!!! XD

p/s: Happy Ramadhan everyone, hope it's a bless for all of us :)

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