Apr 23, 2011

beautiful creatures

my way to kill the time, even though i'm not a bookworm, i think this book is worth a reading. 156 pages to go. let's see if i'll give it a good rating after finishing it :)

* * *

Comment: i really like this book! first book ever that made me bought it (i'm not really a book lover, so i only read the e-book). really worth every ringgit of it. now i'm currently reading the sequel of the story... Beautiful Darkness


Apr 13, 2011

pretty ugly

just now on fb, lots of my friends are talking bout beauty on their status/post, what are beauty in their point of view, for example:

"dark guy is fine. dark ladies,isn't fine ooh.."

when i saw this status, i can't help but feel to share my thought about it...
first of all, yup i'm not in the "fair lady" group, so obviously it concerned me a bit. but i think i'm getting used to the idea of "the fairer the better" so it doesn't hurt me at all, neutral. good for me i guess. but (again) i wonder, why people are having this unfair mindset about skin colour? why is it being fair is being considered as good and dark is bad? especially for ladies...isn't it bias?

if guys think only fair lady is considered pretty, i think the number of unmarried ladies will be jumped up very high, including me, unmarried. wow, that's serious...i'm sick of this, not going to write any further (a short thought, i know). whatever it is, you are beautiful no matter who you are,ok people, let's enjoy the vid :)

Apr 4, 2011

Lenka - Heart Skips A Beat

my heart skips a beat! XD

Apr 2, 2011


it's almost 5 months for us being an intern here. I believe I gained plenty of knowledge and information and at least from knowing nothing I do know something. one of lesson learned being a trainee is don't be too humble, do show what's your contribution. easy way to say it; show off your work. we have to, or else, they think you're lazy and doing nothing at work. but even though you're showing it, do your job sincerely, it will be more appreciated and you won't feel like being forced to do it.

oh for those who didn't know what's my job, well... my job doesn't require me to wear formal/feminine. when my housemates busy choosing what to wear to work tomorrow, i just need to worry whether i have clean shorts and singlets to wear. simple. the bad part is, i'm getting too used to wearing them, so when i was wearing baju kurung like yesterday,i'm kinda rough. tidak sopan.

tak tahu nak merapu apa lagi, sampai sini sajalah ye, tata bloggers!


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