Apr 23, 2011

beautiful creatures

my way to kill the time, even though i'm not a bookworm, i think this book is worth a reading. 156 pages to go. let's see if i'll give it a good rating after finishing it :)

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Comment: i really like this book! first book ever that made me bought it (i'm not really a book lover, so i only read the e-book). really worth every ringgit of it. now i'm currently reading the sequel of the story... Beautiful Darkness


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izzati kamal said...

suka novel ni jugak! ") tp x baca lg b.darkness tu, hehe

nisa said...

yeay ade geng!!!
aku suka gle cter dia tp yg beautiful darkness ending dia tgantung sket, maybe ade no 3?

izzati kamal said...

haha, x silap aku ada lg sambung, 'beautiful chaos' die punya cover die ada kat sini, http://jenbigheart.blogspot.com/2011/03/cover-reveal-beautiful-chaos-by-kami.html

nisa said...

wow ye ke!!! thanks for the info zati!! nnt nk bli lah :D

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