Apr 2, 2011


it's almost 5 months for us being an intern here. I believe I gained plenty of knowledge and information and at least from knowing nothing I do know something. one of lesson learned being a trainee is don't be too humble, do show what's your contribution. easy way to say it; show off your work. we have to, or else, they think you're lazy and doing nothing at work. but even though you're showing it, do your job sincerely, it will be more appreciated and you won't feel like being forced to do it.

oh for those who didn't know what's my job, well... my job doesn't require me to wear formal/feminine. when my housemates busy choosing what to wear to work tomorrow, i just need to worry whether i have clean shorts and singlets to wear. simple. the bad part is, i'm getting too used to wearing them, so when i was wearing baju kurung like yesterday,i'm kinda rough. tidak sopan.

tak tahu nak merapu apa lagi, sampai sini sajalah ye, tata bloggers!

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