Dec 4, 2010


finally the big day has come. luggage - almost done and still got few kilos before i exceed the limit, i'll add some more later,hehe... emotional condition - unknown, i just worry whether i bring enough stuffs, haha (gelak tak ikhlas di situ)

btw, i'm very touched with those encouraging and concerned wishes, thanks everyone. i know im kinda mencari publisiti when i post it everyday on my fb, gtalk... just to see who's care n aware of it,hehe....last but not least, to those who want to reach me there, reach me thru msg/call ya...i'm not sure how long we'll live w/o internet, maybe 1 month? omigosh...

well, that's all i think
ok talk to you later readers,take care :)

Dec 1, 2010


i have problem with my sleeping time since i'm back here in my home. it's not like i'm having a jet lag (back from tronoh definitely not worth of buying flight ticket) but i have trouble adjusting the time. it's 4.19 in the morning, and i'm not sleepy, still having energy blogging and listening to music. alang-alang da pukul 4, it's better to wait for subuh's prayer right?

p/s : it's super cold!


Oprah's Favorite Things 2010 - Beetle Giveaway

i want one! it's my dream car! T____T

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