Nov 22, 2009


teringin nak :
  • main ice skating - sape2 berminat nak main???jom?
  • tengok live orchestra kat philharmonik - everytime plan mesti x jadik,haish
  • main go-kart - haha,xpenah main lagi...
pastu teringin plak nak pergi :
  • cameron! - kali terakhir pergi darjah 5 kot,pdahal cameron 2 dekat je ngan utp :(
  • penang! - xpenah jejakkan lagi kaki kt penang,jom korg g penang?
  • sarawak - nak makan seafood die banyak2 please!!wuwu...

harap2 cuti ni atleast ade 1 2 yg tercapai....

teringin,teringin dan teringin,

Nov 5, 2009


Itu satu daripada amalan yang membantu kita apabila

Kita dikembalikan kepada yang Hak...


Mukjizat di sebalik BISMILLAH

BISMILLAH adalah sebutan/nama singkat dari lafaz


'Dengan nama ALLAH Yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang.'


1.. Yang pertama ditulis Qalam adalah BISMILLAH. Maka

apabila kamu menulis sesuatu, maka tulislah BISMILLAH pada

awalnya kerana BISMILLAH tertulis pada setiap wahyu yang

Allah turunkan kepada Jibrail..

2.. BISMILLAH untukmu dan umahmu, suruhlah mereka

apabila memohon sesuatu dengan BISMILLAH.

Aku tidak akan meninggalkannya sekejap mata pun sejak BISMILLAH

diturunkan kepada Adam. '(Hadith Qudsi)

3.. Tatkala BISMILLAH diturunkan ke dunia, maka semua

Awan berlari ke arah barat, angin terdiam, air laut

bergelora, mendengarkan seluruh binatang dan terlempar semua


4.. Demi Allah dan keagunganNya, tidaklah BISMILLAH

Itu dibacakan pada orang sakit melainkan menjadi ubat

untuknya dan tidaklah BISMILLAH dibacakan di atas sesuatu

melainkan Allah beri berkat ke atasnya.

5.. Barangsiapa yang ingin hidup bahagia dan mati syahid,

maka bacalah BISMILLAH setiap kali memulakan sesuatu

perkara yang baik.

6.. Jumlah huruf dalam BSMILLAH ada 19 huruf dan

malaikat penjaga neraka ada 19 (QS. AL Muddatsir: 30).

Ibnu Masud berkata: 'Sesiapa yang ingin Allah selamatkan

dari 19 malaikat neraka maka bacalah BISMILLAH 19 kali

setiap hari. '

7.. Tiap huruf BISMILLAH ada JUNNAH (penjaga/khadam)

Hingga tiap huruf berkata, ' Siapa yang membaca BISMILLAH

Maka kamilah kekuatannya dan kamilah kehebatannya. '

8.. Barangsiapa yang memuliakan tulisan BISMILLAH

Nescaya Allah akan mengangkat namanya di syurga yang sangat

tinggi dan diampunkan segala dosa kedua orang tuanya.

9.. Barangsiapa yang membaca BISMILLAH maka akan

bertasbihlah segala gunung kepadanya.

10.Barangsiapa yang membaca BISMILLAH sebanyak 21

Kali ketika hendak tidur, maka akan terpelihara dari

Gangguan syaitan, kecurian dan kebakaran, maut mendadak dan


11.Barangsiapa yang membaca BISMILLAH sebanyak 50 kali di

hadapan orang yang zalim, hinalah dan masuk ketakutan

dalam hati si zalim serta naiklah keberanian dan kehebatan

kepada si pembaca..

Nov 2, 2009


There were only 15 minutes left before Solat-ul Isha {The night prayer}.

He quickly made Wudhu {purification washing of the face, hands, head, ears, and feet} and then, performed Solat-ul Maghrib {The dusk prayer}.

While making Tasbih {praising of ALLAH}, he again remembered his grandmother and was
embarrassed by how he had prayed.

His grandmother prayed with such tranquillity and peace.

He began making Dua{suplications} and went down to make Sajdah{prostration} and stayed like that
for a while.

He had been at work all day and was tired, so tired.

He awoke abruptly to the sound of noise and shouting.

He was sweating profusely.

He looked around.

It was very crowded.

Every direction he looked in was filled with people.

Some stood frozen looking around, some were running left and right and
some were on their knees with their heads in their hands just waiting.

Pure fear and apprehension filled him as he realized where he was.

His heart was about to burst.

It was the Day of Judgment.

When he was alive, he had heard many things about the questioning on the

Day of Judgment, but that seemed so long ago..

Could this be something his mind made up?

No, the wait and the fear were so great that he could not have imagined this.

The interrogation was still going on.

He began moving frantically from people to people to ask if his name
had been called.

No one could answer him.

All of a sudden his name was called and the crowd split into two and
made a passageway for him.

Two angels grabbed his arms and led him forward.

He walked with unknowing eyes through the crowd.

The angels brought him to the centre and left him there.

His head was bent down and his whole life was passing in front of his
eyes like a movie.

He opened his eyes but saw only another world.

The people were all helping others.

He saw his father running from one lecture to the other, spending his
wealth in the way of Islam.

His mother invited guests to their house and one table was being set
while the other was being cleared.

He pleaded his case,

'I too was always on this path..

I helped others.

I spread the words of Allah.

I performed my Solah{prayers} .

I fasted in the month of Ramadhan.

Whatever ALLAH ordered us to do, I did.

Whatever HE ordered us not to do, I did not.'

He began to cry and think about how much he loved ALLAH.

He knew that whatever he had done in life would be less than what
ALLAH deserved and his only protector was ALLAH... He was sweating like
never before and was shaking all over.

His eyes were fixed on the scale, waiting for the final decision.

At last, the decision was made.

The two angels with sheets of paper in their hands, turned to the crowd.

His legs felt like they were going to collapse.

He closed his eyes as they began

To read the names of those people who were to enter Jahannam{the worst Hell Fire}.

His name was read first.

He fell on his knees and yelled that this couldn't be,

'How could I go to Jahannam{the worst Hell Fire}?

I served others all my life,

I spread the words of ALLAH to others'.

His eyes had become blurry and he was shaking with sweat.

The two angels took him by the arms.

As his feet dragged, they went through the crowd and advanced toward
the blazing flames of Jahannam{the worst Hell Fire}.

He was yelling and wondered if there was any person who was going to help him.

He was yelling of all the good deeds he had done, how he had helped
his father, his fasts, prayers, the Noble Qur'an that he read, he was
asking if none of them would help him.

The Jahannam angels continued to drag him.

They had gotten closer to the Hellfire.

He looked back and these were his last pleas.

Had not Rasulullah [S.A.W.] {Messanger of ALLAH Muhammad Peace be upon him} said;

'How clean would a person be who bathes in a river five times a day,
so too does the Solah performed five times cleanse someone of their

He began yelling,

'My prayers? My prayers? My prayers.?'

The two angels did not stop, and they came to the edge of the abyss of Jahannam{The Worst Hell Fire}.

The flames of the Fire were burning his face.

He looked back one last time, but his eyes were dry of hope and he had
nothing left in him.

One of the angels pushed him in.

He found himself in the air and falling towards the Flames.

He had just fallen five or six feet when a hand grabbed him by the arm
and pulled him back.

He lifted his head and saw an old man with a long white beard.

He wiped some dust off himself and asked him,

'Who are you?'

The old man replied,

'I am your prayers'.

'Why are you so late! I was almost in the Fire!

You rescued me at the last minute before I fell in'.

The old man smiled and shook his head,

'You always performed me at the last minute, did you forget?'

At that instant, he blinked and lifted his head from Sajdah{prostation} .

He was in a sweat.

He listened to the voices coming from outside.

He heard the Adhan{call for prayer} for Solat-ul Isha{the night prayer}.

He got up quickly and went to perform Wudhu{purification washing of the face, hands, head, ears, and feet}.

Pass this on to your friends and family.... ...

Maybe, you can help someone open their eyes.

And who knows?

Maybe, this is a good deed that can help you during the day of judgement.



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