Nov 28, 2011


i shall say, i'm amazed with my own reaction when someone insulted our national team due to their losses to Bahrain recently. i am more amazed on how attached i feel to this one particular team, the one and only, Harimau Muda. my friends thought it was strikingly odd and unusual for me, who never have the slightest interest on any soccer matches, let alone watch one suddenly have the passion, interest and eagerness. epic! i should tell you something, in my whole life, i never watch a complete match till today, well at least i tried to watch the whole match of Malaysia-Indonesia, but the rain caused some disruptions and thanks to Astro, i missed the first 20 minutes. never mind though, it was a good game. i'm proud of them! i am still proud of them even though they lost to Syria and Bahrain, well it's a game, sometimes you're on top, sometimes you're at the bottom. it's funny just to hear myself fend for them, giving my full support through rise and fall. i bet u won't see me doing this before, hehe... i guess he made me changed my mind :P

Nov 17, 2011


i'm in deep stress, i'm miserable and i'm being a jerk.

and i have test at 3pm. feel like crying now.

Nov 12, 2011

re: cinderella man

i can't help but notice there's a lot of visitors from Indonesia visiting my post - cinderella man these few days, i bet it's on air at your local tv station isn't it? hope you'll enjoy the drama as much as i do, especially my handsome man, Kwon Sang Woo, hehe :)

Nov 9, 2011

the one that got away

i don't know how and why but i keep having these related weird dreams coming to me almost every night. is there any meaning behind all of these? only Allah knows...

p/s: i was thinking to post "the one that got away" vid instead of this, but there's no full vid yet, nwm, i still love my david cook more, lol :)

Nov 7, 2011


dear blog,
i found it unnecessary to post something here especially when i keep writing-erase it-writing again-and erase it again!but i managed to write this one...

well final year is being a bit harsh to me, i'm losing lots of hair due to stress! seriously, i did expect these to come (i mean the busyness and the stress, not the hair loss!) but sometimes, i lost my grip on it. i failed to handle it somehow, lost to my own rage and defeat.

what can i say, people change, so do i...

i found a new part of me, the part where i make my stand and say what's on my mind straight away. maybe it's already there in my blood, but i didn't realize it till this semester. i'm voicing out my opinions, arguing, defending of what i think is right. i didn't say that i did nothing to stand up for my opinions before, but i prefer to make it less apparent. not anymore folks! well it's good to be able to be outspoken, but in some situation, i have to say that i do regret to say it out loud, when you hurt someone's feeling with your bold statements. sorry people, my bad!

someone said to me that i argue a lot these days-have to agree on that. poor roomate, she has to listen to all my dissatisfaction and discontentedness. i promise to you that i'll try to be more patient in future, hope i can control myself and THINK carefully before making any statements or comments.

"Towards a better personality, insyaAllah"


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