Nov 7, 2011


dear blog,
i found it unnecessary to post something here especially when i keep writing-erase it-writing again-and erase it again!but i managed to write this one...

well final year is being a bit harsh to me, i'm losing lots of hair due to stress! seriously, i did expect these to come (i mean the busyness and the stress, not the hair loss!) but sometimes, i lost my grip on it. i failed to handle it somehow, lost to my own rage and defeat.

what can i say, people change, so do i...

i found a new part of me, the part where i make my stand and say what's on my mind straight away. maybe it's already there in my blood, but i didn't realize it till this semester. i'm voicing out my opinions, arguing, defending of what i think is right. i didn't say that i did nothing to stand up for my opinions before, but i prefer to make it less apparent. not anymore folks! well it's good to be able to be outspoken, but in some situation, i have to say that i do regret to say it out loud, when you hurt someone's feeling with your bold statements. sorry people, my bad!

someone said to me that i argue a lot these days-have to agree on that. poor roomate, she has to listen to all my dissatisfaction and discontentedness. i promise to you that i'll try to be more patient in future, hope i can control myself and THINK carefully before making any statements or comments.

"Towards a better personality, insyaAllah"

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