Jul 10, 2011

don't trust me

WARNING: this post is all about me. like it always be.

i have serious major problem here. MAJOR i mean it a VERY BIG problem.
i have to write it down fast before i forgot, because that's my problem.
MEMORY LOSS. don't know whether it's a long term or short term thing.

according to Dr. NISA, it's a severe problem.
i had it like since long time ago, and i still can't find the reason.
obviously i don't eat ants, if that's your guess, and i'm totally not going to drink water with insects, ant especially inside it. gross!

so, how serious my memory loss is?
i still can remember my name though, so maybe u can say it's not that bad.
my situations here are:

Situation #1: I remember the event but I don't remember the timeline
for example; i knew that i met my supervisor to ask him something, but when was it? was it yesterday or last 2 days? the right answer: this morning. i felt like it was ages. that's how bad it can be.

Situation #2: i can't remember what i did last night
i had this situation for many many many times. it's troublesome really.

Situation #3: i can't remember a thing at all.
the worst part of my memory loss. it's frustrating when i totally can't remember some things. i hate it when i argue with my friends on something that i believe it didn't happen but actually it did but i don't remember it. it happens most of the time i guess. errr, can't remember -_-"

Situation #4: i said "dah lama tak ......". TIPU. BIG FAT LIAR. i just did it few days ago. so don't take it 100%. sometimes i accidentally lie to u coz i don't remember it exactly.

see how bad my memory is?
looking on the bright side, it did me good things when u have memory loss, especially when u are angry with someone. i can forgive that person easily when i forgot the anger, the hate and the issues. it helps me to heal my heart after the heartbreak. i can forget the heartache...

whatever it is, just hope i do remember u when we meet. hope it don't get any worse than this.

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farhana roslee said...

nisa,perlu ke aku mms gambo aku kat ko supaya ko tak lupe aku..
aku sangat risau ni.,

nisa said...

hehe farhana yg manis, muka ko aku xlupa punya, tp nk send gambar boleh juge, boleh aku rekemen kt mana2 technician tmpt aku kerja ni, hehe XD

Eira said...

hohoho. paling suka part yg "Dah lama tak....." XD


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