May 23, 2009


xsbr nye nk blk rumah!1 of the reason-nak download lgu2,of coz internet kat rumah lagi laju dri kat utp neh,lagu kat dc plak agak lmbt update/xde lgu 2 langsung,so paham2 je's the list
  • jordin sparks - battlefield
  • daughtry - no suprise
  • david cook - permanent
  • danny gokey - you are so beautiful (studio version)
  • danny gokey - what hurts the most (studio version)
  • keith urban - kiss a girl
  • steve martin - pretty flowers
bet some of u can guess where did i get this list of songs~american idol performances :')
yeah,i'm quite a fan of american idol season 8,only 4 this season (so far)...didn't follow it b4,there's no tv here(cafe not included) but thanks 2 dc i enjoy watching great performances!i really like danny gokey's voice instead of kris allen n adam lambert,i know some of u will say "hah danny??" sort of why on earth i like him better than adam lambert/kris allen.well,lain org lain citarasa kan?u should listen 2 his last performance b4 he was being eliminated- You Are So Beautiful...such a nice vocal and a nice song (episode 37),you will feel like he was singing that song for you,aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh so lovey dovey-and oh i like this type of guy :D

watch the finale of american idol season 8- totally explosive!!the boom boom pow performance was superb and kara dioguardi really knocked u down katrina!

p/s: performance dri kiss agak scary la...

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