May 9, 2009

my new boyfriends

currently I'm addicted to ROSWELL!sumenye gara2 terdownload kat dc ( i repeat TERdownload), blame the person who creates DC++,hehehe....

yeah i know dat drama is so ketinggalan zaman,but the story is so sweet la!
those alien things fascinate me!very interesting and heart melting especially when the casts (the actors,of course!) are so so so handsome!! :D
but I'm not interested with the hero (jason behr) which i bet many girls out there love him, well for me, i prefer the co-star brendan fehr n nick wechsler!!
i'm so cair with their character in roswell (Michael and Kyle) they are sweet,kind,cute,handsome and the list continues on and on...

the innocent michael :)

hot brendan fehr,heheh

sweet Kyle!!

i think he can be the Superman,dun u think so?

have to strengthen my iman,haih...

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