May 4, 2009

:: mood oh mood! ::

exam is around the corner but still i don't have the mood
especially when my great listener,my rum8 is not here
my katil is like calling me 24 7
but that's not the true enemy actually!
the truth is
my heart is my greatest enemy!!

i hate it when my feelings took over my mind
it can ruin the whole day
and i'm tired of this
got to wake up
i need ur help!!

i need someone that can be my backbone
when i feel like falling down
to support me
to give me something that i need the most
to love me the way that i do
but i realize
that person doesn't exist
not yet at least

and when that person will show his face??
and tell me that words that i want to hear
oh heart!be patient!!
it's so torturing u know
if u behave like this
and why do u like to mess up with me
especially during critical time like this??
oh heart
i'm begging to you
be patient

i can be crazy if i keep talking bout this
need to stop it
people might think that im desperate
no im not that desperate
dun wori
just losing my mind for a while
just forget what i said before
nothing does matter


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Nina said...

Hun,sabar ye? Cakap memang senang,bt i've been there,for me,the whole world is my enemy..
Dlm stress2 camni,kalo boleh jgn la layan perasaan,ok..Sebab,makin difikir makin kita rasa diri kita ni xbertuah,pastu nanti mula la kita kesian dgn diri sendiri.Kalau da jadi camtu,banyak la alasan untuk kita mengelat dari fokus asal (cthnye xde mood r,pensel xbest r, katil kena matahari r,org wat kita sket ati smpai xley study r,mcm2 lg). Pokoknya, kalau kita melayan perasaan,nanti hilanglah semangat kita. Babe,you are STRONG, and i bet my life on it (ok..agak dramatik). You dont need anyone else but YOU yourself to pluck up courage and get through all this mess..If you fall,it's YOU that will rise again..You are your own man,so go on and lead the way BY YOURSELF.You dont need anyone to hear your whine,you can munch it all up by yourself. Btw,you're never alone, each and every day never passed without me saying my prayer for you.And thanks for being there for me when i was in the same phase...

Miss BeenThereDoneThat

nisa said...

thanks babe!feel much better rite now
miss u so much la!
jom lepak same2 ble aku da blk nnt ye!:)

aRiDaN said...

one word from me..

eh two

ntah pape nisa!!

studi weh!!!
jgn pk byk~

Anonymous said...

like ur friend's words..

biase la nisa
time nak dekat2 exam ni la
perasaan byk menggangu kite..
don't take it as a big burden to u..
pedulikan ape y tak penting ek..
y penting skrg
no more tears,ya..
caiyok bebeh!!

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