May 21, 2009


1st of all i'm hungrY ok,dats y i'm doing this,heheh
since eira is already back home,it's so hard 2 make me move from this chair n go find some food
senang cakap,malas gle la nk kuar blik cri i opened the refrigerator and hey!i found food!eira forgotten the nuggets dat she brought last week and i was like very happy dat i have sumthing 2 eat!tq rum8,hagagaga but wait!how am i gonna cook the nuggets???eira brought back home my multicooker n her kuali n dapur gas...hmmm...i only have the water heater n toaster with me,and this crazy idea suddenly came out

i put the nuggets into some hot boiling water to make all the ice melt.n then when the nuggets were in room temperature i put them inside the toaster and sort of bake them,let the nugget like for 5minutes...the result was viola!!excellente!!!delicioso!!!
heheh it's oil free since i dont use any oil,butter margarine or whatsoever...never thought this method b4,but i did it!a very nice result experiment,my tummy gave me thumbs up!heheh....

anything can for my tummy :D

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