May 16, 2009

i hate you

u come every month on that special days without fail

sometimes u come without notice

i try to get rid of u but u r so stubborn

i still don't mind if u come alone

i still can handle it

but i hate it when u come along with ur big,fat family

and now u n ur family haunting me like a bunch of ghost

i really hate u!

go away!

go find anyone else

i dunno what 2 do with u

u make my life miserable

i hate u......................... ACNE!!

- poker face become acne face -

1 voice(s):

Nina said...

wah,your choice of vocab..*stunned for a while*

neway,yang,ever heard of nixoderm?Try la. Apply onto your zit with cotton bud(or clean finger would do,too).Let it dry out for bout an hour. Then,dun forget to wash your face,and put some spot clearing ointment to avoid scars from forming..ala..pakai ala2 nightcream je,bawak tido skali.

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