Jan 7, 2013


I've been craving for these two delicious food like for a month already! Guess it's hard to find siput sedut these days as I've been looking for it at different places and failed! I just need to find maybe a kilo of it and leave it to my grandmother, she'll do her magic, her masak lemak cili api is the best! 

For the dim sum, I'm waiting for all-you-can-eat offer at Groupon since it's quite expensive to order it ala carte (about RM5 for 1 basket - 3 pieces of dim sum). I've been imagining myself eating at a restaurant with pile of empty dim sum baskets at my table (you never know how much I can eat dim sum!). Oh wait!, they do offer the dim sum buffet at low price right now! Click at the Groupon link above for the offer, and now I have to buy it! *sambil kira duit dalam dompet*
Gosh my mouth waters at the thought of endless dim sum that you can eat!

You know what, both scrumptious meals remind me of my dear room mate, Eira! She's not a fan of siput sedut of course, she won't eat it and I definitely cannot eat it in front of her. She'll run I believe! Hehe... Different story for the dim sum, she'll be my dim sum partner! Gotta tell her and make her buy the groupon offer too! Man, I miss our once-a-month food hunting routine!

Oh before I forgot, you can check the recipe for siput sedut masak lemak cili api as I took the picture from tiffinbiru, so mouth watering and delicious! I got hungry by just looking at the pictures of food, nyum2!

Do visit Groupon for the dim sum offer, just click the link below the picture (picture taken from Groupon). I can't wait to get my dim sum! Yeay!

p/s: this is not a sponsored post and I do not own the pictures

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