Mar 26, 2011


"I sound stupid if I speak in Malay" - Sharifah Amani

Totally against that statement. Be true to yourself. I'm proud that I can speak in Malay fluently, but i have to admit that I do avoid writing in Malay because i don't want to sound 'jiwang' (errr can't find suitable English word for this one). Can't help it coz i feel like if I'm writing in Malay, it'll convey more meaning than it should.heheh

That's why i prefer listening to English songs rather than Malay songs. Since English is my second language, it sounds less 'jiwang' when you say the lovey dovey words.LOL.

Plus, i like to use the lyrics to express my current feeling, i did check on the lyrics before i posted the videos on my fb/blog. Really enjoy using songs as the medium. Except when u shared wrong song to the wrong person -_-"

Anyway, song for my current situation : Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts

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