Mar 1, 2011


i just realized this evening how sensitive i was when talking bout relationship thing. it hurts when people say that you're single because you're being too choosy and demanding - i felt like crying when people judged me without understanding the situation here. i'm nothing but a plain, boring person, yes i know that, how can man likes me? but please, don't say it so casually like i'm a heartless person. i do have feelings, i do like someone, i do feel happy when i see him, but nothing's right for me. i keep falling for the wrong guys, and it took a very long period to recover from it, my heart is not designed to handle this, i'm tired of crying. seriously.

don't get me wrong, i'm not that desperate to get a boyfriend.just accept the fact that i am single and don't let it bother you. it's not your problem. it's me we're talking about, don't easily tell me to accept this or that guy just because he's single too, especially when you know who's exactly in my heart. my heart isn't a ball that you can pass around, it's very fragile - for your information.

i don't care if you say that i'm being emotional here, yes i am, it's my blog by the way, remember? so to anyone out there, before you say anything, think first. to those who are concerned, just wait for my wedding day card okay. that's all then, bye bye

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Farah K said...

when you are in relationship, at some point you really want your single life back
when you are single, you want someone in your life to share n pour everything
so nisa,,,just cherish every moment..make the best of it...someone out there is waiting for you...its just God not allowed it happened now coz He know what the best for you...
maybe now its not the good times, maybe, after graduate? cheersss girlll

nfy said...

babe, agree with comment above..better be single rather than bergewe with the wrong sort (i.e playboy, menipu) lagi sakit hati..haha

just live your life happily..InsyaAllah the one will come :P

nisa said...

if blogspot has like button like fb, confirm i akan like both of these comments above! thanks girls! :D

farhana roslee said...

persetankan diorg nisa..
cinta lepas kawin lagi manis nisa..

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