Feb 16, 2013

end of hiatus

I have weddings to attend and that's how I end of my hiatus, InsyaAllah. I'm quite calm at the thought of working life which kinda amuse me because usually I get super panic from the over-thinking, haha... I'm still expecting lots of emotions ups and downs in the future but hey, that's what makes life interesting, isn't it? For now, I just want to focus on things that make me happy and one of it will be the wedding trip tomorrow! All of my good friends will be there and I bet it won't be just a wedding, it'll be a great school reunion! :) It feels great to see the good old friends and I still can't believe we left the school almost 7 years ago. How time flies and now, many of them are getting married/engaged and some of them are already married with kid or expecting. 

Whoa. I feel like an adult already.
Wait. I am an adult. Urgghhh that denial stage, nevermind. I'm still young at heart.


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