Jan 28, 2012


i used to believe on new year resolutions before, but then i realized, it doesn't matter whether it's new year or not, you still can have resolutions to achieve and not only for that particular year. i didn't think of anything for the new year of 2012, coz i feel like it's just the change of the date (year). i may sounds ridiculous, i know, well i still have my resolutions but not specifically the 'new year resolutions'.

however, the good changes are still good changes. congratulations for those who already achieved their goals, good job! like mine, i think i already failed it i guess? i want to complain less. i've been thinking bout this since ages, but i keep breaking it - i always confused am i complaining or expressing opinions? especially when the situations are not my side. like what i wrote on this blog, or maybe like what i'm writing now, is it a complaint or an opinion? i'm not sure either. anyway, things would be better if i appreciate more and be grateful.

therefore, to my dear friends and bloggers who read this, i want to say i am deeply sorry if i said, complained or did anything bad to you, i have a sharp tongue i admit. hope i'll learn to control it, thank you for being patient with me :)

there goes one of my many resolutions, i planned to keep it short, so till next time folks, take care!

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