Jan 17, 2012


#warning - not a pleasant reading ahead

totally one of the sensitive issues, lately...
i guess i'm entering the era of "looking for a life partner is essential" where it's questionable to be a single lady and you can't avoid questions from the adults whether you have someone's special yet or not, hmmppphhh...

last night, someone asked me that question, out of the blue. i was speechless, and embarrassed. please, you don't just simply ask the question in front of other people, to be specific, in front of a guy. and that guy just stared at me, waiting for my answer. embarrassing! maybe it's just a plain, simple question to you, but obviously not to me, not to someone who is approaching the end of her study period but still single.

oh wow,sounds desperate, aite?
i'm not saying that i'm in need of a lover, that's sounds so wrong, hell no, i'm just fine here. i just don't get it, why people are being insensitive? you humiliated me by asking the question in front of the others like you already know the answer but you still asking it just to show that i'm forever alone. yeah i'm single, deal with it! it's not like i'm taking away your son or stuff, so back off people! unless you are my parents or closest family, then i won't have these cursing inside of my head. like seriously, IT IS A SENSITIVE ISSUE!
*ok cool down, girl*

i believe we all have our dreams about our future life partner, our future together etc. etc. , right? i believe that someday i'll meet him, i'd waited for him like more than 22 years, of course i can wait a lil bit more, just be patient, wait for another while, okay? believe in Allah, He created us with partner. so, to those who are 'extremely' curious out there, just to answer your question, yes i am currently boyfriend-less, but insyaAllah someday i'll send you my wedding card with my husband's name on it :)

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