Jun 6, 2010

counting days

cant wait to be at home.i'll finish my MARA SCIENCE CAMP insyaAllah on wednesday n planning to buy ticket on thursday.BUT, since my mum said,wait for udi n balik with him on friday,guess my holiday is extremely short this time. friday-sunday,wah terbaiklah! 3days only n then busy with MAP. so i'll be home again on 29th june i guess T_T

i miss my holidays where i can do anything on the nite without worrying i have class/test/quiz/things to do tomorrow.i miss those precious days!

well,there are some good things when we are stranded at utp during sem break.keep a positive mind honey!it's not dat bad! (oh sadis kena pujuk ati sendiri)

anyway, looking 4wd to meet those mrsm students tomorrow,gotta go!
tata readers! :)

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