Oct 21, 2009

PARAMORE is back!!

oh yeah!:PARAMORE is back!they came out with new album last month and their new single "Ignorance" is something different,go download it now!it's hard to accept it at 1st time but what can i say,i'm a fan of :PARAMORE!i do LOVE it now!have to buy this CD,can't wait to own one :)

4 voice(s):

IrshadBanuri said...

x yah beli..
donlod sudeyh..

Enter Paradox said...

oh minat Paramore yee

nisa said...

x feel la dload irshad (actually 1st time mau bli,lolz!) :P
bob:yuppa bob!i love paramore! :D

nad said...

nisa bli2
pastuh pamer lam kete aku ek
layan same2

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