Oct 3, 2009

nur kasih - a controversial post?

i wonder why people like to watch this drama so much.obviously i'm not one of them and it's quite shocking when it seems like guys also watch this drama!wow!that's rare!what's so special with Nur Kasih anyway???those who like watching Nur Kasih and reading this post please give me ur reason/hujah2,is it really that interesting???

i'm just sick of Malay drama series,they tend to get ridiculous after some episodes...for example,Spa Q...(sorry to Spa Q fans out there,im just giving my opinion here)...but hey,i still support our local industry,still enjoy watching drama from Cerekarama slot at TV3 (Saturday 10pm),prefer this one because it's only 1-episode drama,not lengthy but still full of its story...

why i'm not interested with Malay DRAMA series
-so lengthy that the story tends to get ridiculous (as stated above)
-the fake/not-so-real conversation
-the actresses somehow like to wear heavy makeup,even during solat scene,kamon la beb!
-it usually has similar storyline with other drama,boring!so predictable

so anyone out there,if you're a fan of Nur Kasih,if you don't agree with me,then prove me wrong k!im interested to hear your point of view..

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akemaLL said...

soklan pertama..
pernah tengok ke x nur kasih?

nisa said...

penah,episod yg 2 org tu bru kawen...

haura sahbudin said...

salam there.

i'm a current watcher of nur kasih. hehe. i never follow any malay drama b4 too.
hmmm what makes me attracted towards it is the messages that it conveys. how you find His light after the dark age that you went through. how you seek for others' forgiveness because of your previous mistakes. betapa susahnya mempertahankan sebuah rumah tangga. and how far can evil actually conquers us silently. yup..that's simply why i like it.

nisa said...

thanks haura 4 the comment
maybe sbb xfollow sgt kot,sbb tu aku susah nk trime crite ni...after this boleh try tgk la kot :)
anyway lme gle xjumpe!pekaba?

nad said...

Nurr...nurrr...ya Kasihhh..

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