Jul 18, 2009


there's a lot of things happened for the past couple of weeks,lots of thought that i want to put it here,in this blog but i was like too lazy to put it in words.holiday means rest,lots of sleep,heh.home sweet home.usually i post my entries when i was in utp.life there is so boring/full of drama/stress/sometimes happy that makes me express it by blogging.
well the new sem has started and it's so frustrating when i have 2 buy a lot of things for this new sem since many of my stuffs were missing/stolen/thrown away by someone.maybe not someone.maybe 2 or 3.maybe more.who knows.the items : mat,broom,extension wire (i love it so much,sob3 ),umbrella,my cutlery set,my ikea clock,toiletries...haish :'(
buy everything's new and i'm broke.

but let's look at the bright side,so today is our first day of class and it was kinda exciting and refreshing 2 see everyone's new look...some got their hair done,some with new shoes,new bags,news spec,new handphone *ehem2* and etc..new sem new stuff

and i'm really happy with the fact that this sem,i have class at 8am only for Monday and Wednesday,which is much much better from my previous sems where almost everyday class started at 8.really hate that.but lucky us this sem.Alhamdulillah :D

but of course,the courses are getting tougher,have 2 do better and best this sem,we can do it!

so far,dunno what 2 expect this sem,even the course name itself can scares me,anyway just pray that everything will be just fine this sem.InsyaAllah

new stuff

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