Jun 11, 2012


these days, i tend to blog about all the unhappiness i've encountered. it makes me feel that there's no fun to blog  anymore. when i read everything that i've wrote which referring to someone, i can see that when i'm in negative state of mind, nothing positive can penetrate through it, WHICH IS BAD.

i tend to make assumptions (which are mostly wrong) and later regret it. i can say that i cannot trust my instincts anymore because it's coated by misjudge, misunderstanding etc. i heard this wise quote from someone (which i forgot who it is) - when we focus on one's fault, we'll never see his (or her) 1001's good deeds. totally true, especially for me when i'm having fights with my friends, i see nothing but all the negative things.  i should change this habit, it's nothing good and it eats me inside. i deeply regret it and i hope i'll be a better me in the future, may Allah bless all of us.      

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