May 31, 2010

structural analysis

oh for SA,definitely im not gonna do the "i love SA" logo thing like TPE and i hate this subject,everything about structure.STATICS.SOLID MECHANICS.THEORY OF STRUCTURE and now STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS.

oh my,why do i have to learn all of these? a civil engineering student!how can i avoid those complicated subjects!i'd prefer something else,civil engineering is not only about structure,so for my major,im so not going to do the structural thing, bye bye to Construction Technology,im not going to choose u.maybe i'll consider Environmental Engineering.hmmmmm we'll think bout this later.

for now,i have to bear for less than 1 day with this STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS as tomorrow is the last final exam paper.woohoo,cant wait 4 dat but seriously have no idea how am i gonna answer the questions,scary!im terrified but have no will to overcome it,aiyoo SA,i hate u!

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