Jun 16, 2009

dulu,kini,masa depan

smlm dgn rasminye i created my facebook account since friendster is no longer famous (sian fs)
to be honest la,i dunno how 2 use it,xde mood/malas nk explore,huhu...better not to be an expert in it,im afraid i'll addicted 2 it,parah 2...
hari ini plak i tried on9 shopping..i googled 'baju murah' n visit some website to find cute clothes and cheap one,i went 2 this website n put some 'shirts' in the cart n just click yes to sort of do the purchase.actually i just want 2 see how it works n didn't expect the purchase was confirmed n will be processed.mati la aku kalau bill smpai kt rmh,2 la gtl sgt tgn nk try bli on9,seb baik xmahal,cume Rp136500 je (lebey krg RM50) tp seyes if my parents know bout this,they're going to kill me,takot2...jgn la pape surat/bill smpai time aku xde kt rmh,huhu...
akan datang,bulan 7 ni,akan ade trip g Sik,Kedah!yeay jln2,hehe...sbnrnye ktorg join program anjuran SK Kuak Hulu dijemput oleh guru besar,kirenye lawatan susulan MAP09 la bak kate abg saiful,xsbrnye nk tggu 11 n 12july :D

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